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About Us

At K9s and Sunshine Dog Training we aim to produce the absolute best companion dogs so that they return home with more opportunities in their life than they came in with. Our slogan “Maximize the role your dog plays in your everyday life” is rooted in allowing our best friends to have more to life than just existing in the four walls of their home, but rather allow them to join in on every possible opportunity to better their quality of life and included in your core memories. 

When entrusting us to work with your dog, we are working on addressing unwanted behaviors like pulling on the leash, lunging at distractions or triggers, reactivity, aggression, biting, separation anxiety, and barking. During our in-home lessons or board and trains we focus on in-home manners like doorbell ringing, new people in the home, jumping on people, and digging. We want your member of the family to be by your side calmly while you enjoy your patio dinners, kiddos soccer games, or a walk through the farmers market. We go above and beyond training your off-leash dog so that we can focus on the human training as well. We believe that having a well trained dog is only half the equation and want to work with our humans as well to reinforce the training to provide life long results. We choose to build a community with our clients by doing monthly pack walks and challenges to better your dog and your capabilities. There is a relationship between trainer and owner to ensure life time results and infinite opportunities for your dog. Whether we are training your service dog or companion dog, we want to be as involved and hands on in that journey as possible. 


We take your dogs to theme parks, malls, and farmers markets so that you are confident in their capabilities. We focus on high distraction training and off-leash training so that your dog has the freedom to conquer the world, right along side you. All breeds, all ages, all behaviors, we want to help with you basic and advance obedience training. We are AKC Canine good citizen, trick dog, and star puppy evaluators.

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